An Overview

a quick introduction

TDB CMS is a very sophisticated programming suite with 30 modules that seamlessly integrate together.

From one straightforward dashboard you can see exactly you customers\clients and your sales and contact data

The left hand menu allows you to move to the various areas of the program with ease.

The program suite incorporates:

A personal calendar with the option of sharing publicly for resources, meetings, rooms etc
Campaign management allowing you to create, track and optimise marketing activity
Leads -  prospects who may be interested in your products. You can collect them from events, web forms etc.
Contacts which can be individual or linked to with the company.
Accounting records for an organisation customer. These records can be connected with almost every module.
Deals are potential sales and opportunities. You can work collect them and work with them to change to real revenue.
Quotes contain a detail list of products and services.
Invoices all in one place for information on the status, products and service agreements.
Orders from customers can be stored and recorded.
Tickets are customer service requests. The tickets module helps to collect, group customer requests, enquiries and problems.

Service Contracts for support and professional agreements are conveniently stored.

Display setting are customised for your company including colours, logos, wallpaper and more.
Language and Translations are built in to allow easy translation by file.
Time Zones and Date Formats can be customised to your requirement.
Your users can be assigned different roles, permissions and groups.
Records can have multiple attachments of any type.
A powerful comments system is built in.
User can have a profile image which can be initials, an image or Gravitar.
A detailed activity log records who changed what and when.
Announcements inform your users of maintenance, events etc.



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